Saturday, March 24, 2007

Use to save on your gardening supplies

Need some gardening utensils or supplies for your backyard organic farm. Get free coupons to save on your purchases at You can find coupons to save on your home and garden supplies at Home and Garden coupons. This you can do at your convenience at home online.

At, there is a search box where you can search for the items you need. I tried searching for "seed" and came up with this page: Search result page for "seed". One of the link lead to Henry Fields coupon where you can get $10 off for purchases of $30 and 10% off on Blueberries.

A search for "organic fertilizer" turned up this page: Search result page for "organic fertilizere". Following a link there to Gardens Alive showed that you can save $20 off an order of $40. That is a very substantial discount of 50%.

A search for "gardening tools" resulted in Search result page for "gardening tools" with a long list of links. You can try following those links yourself and see what is available.

Use for substantial savings for your gardening supplies for your backyard organic farm.

Take a rest from organic farming. Watch some movies on your LCD, Plasma TV, etc.

Take a rest from organic farming. Watch some nice, enertaining movies on your TV. You will get maximum viewing pleasure from watching TV with a LCD, plasma or rear projector TV screen.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Organic fertilizer for the dragon Fruit cactus

I have written a post about planting dragon fruit cactus in my backyard garden at Cultivating dragon fruit cactus in my backyard garden (click "BACK" button to get back to this page). The cacti need to be fertilized, and since the title of this blog is backyard organic farming, I need to use organic fertilizer, and not artificial fertilizer.

I hope you willl not be squeamish about this, but I urinate into a 5 litre bottle leaving about 9/10th empty. I leave it to ferment for a week, then dilute it with water and used it to water the cacti. I fill the bottle again with water both to rinse it and also used it to further water the cacti and start the cycle all over again. I hope this will help the cacti grow quickly and start fruiting early.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Wedding Anniversary Celebrations for backyard organic farmers

If you are cultivating a backyard organic farm, it is unlikely you are a bachelor or a spinster. You are most likely to be married, and for married couples, there are wedding anniversaries to celebrate and invitations to send out. Rhodes Island Wedding Resources can make the task easy for you.

Backyard gardeners can be of any age, and you may be celebrating your Golden (50th) Wedding Anniversary, or Silver (25th) Wedding Anniversary, or other wedding anniversaries. You may also want to incorporate your photo into the wedding anniversary invitation cards and that can be done as you can see from Photo Anniversaries.

Whichever one it is, you can probably find the right type of wedding anniversary invitation cards from Rhodes Island Wedding Resources.

If you happen to be a happily married backyard gardeners planning to celebrate a wedding anniversary, may I wish you a very happy and auspicious celebration.

Pamper yourself after a hard day's work at the backyard farm with nice ceiling fans and bathroom accessories

Got nothing much to post on the backyard organic farm. The dragon fruit cactus are growing, but very slowly, so nothing new to report.

Well, if you do a lot of backyard farming, you are likely to feel hot and uncomfortable after your strenous farming, and having a nice fan to cool you down or having a nice bathroom with nice accessories to clean up will be very pleasant.

Well, if you are looking for new or replacement fans, or bathroom accessories, you can shop for one at the Farrey's Online Shop. Farrey's have a 30 days return policy, so I suppose you can shope with some confidence.

There is a wide range of fans for you to choose from. Examples are
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Farrey's also offers Bathroom Products and Bath Hardware

Ater a hard day's work at the backyard organic farm, you deserve to be pampered with these luxurious items.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Backyard organic farming and window blinds

A big advantage of growing a small organic farm in your backyard is that you get to grow your own vegetables without pesticides and artificial fertilizers. And you probably get lots of exercise too. However, the disadvantage of a backyard organic farm is that it may be unsightly as compared to a garden cultivated for aesthetic purpose.

This is where putting blind on your window can come in useful. With the blinds, you have the choice of shutting out the view of your backyard garden. You can actually shop for window blinds on line. A good choice of an online dealer in window blinds is They have a wide choice of faux wood blinds which combine the beauty of wood with the durability of polyvinyl, real Basswood blinds which can take on various wood stain to match your interior, natural wood and bamboo blinds with a choice of open or closed weaves, Cellular shades for small and medium size windows, and BellaTM Roman Shades available in a wide choice of fabric, color, style and varying level of light control.

There are other choices, and you can get a quick online quote. All you need to do is to select the product and enter the dimensions of your window (see screenshot below. Click to enlarge).

window blinds online quick quote

At, you can also request for free samples.