Sunday, March 23, 2008

Patio furniture for your home

I can just imagine myself relaxing in a patio furniture like the one you see in the photo at the left of this paragraph (note: photo is property of Patio Furniture.) For me, it will be almost like being in paradise, cool breeze blowing to cool you down, fresh air, gazing at nice green, and if I get wealthy enough, perhaps even gazing at my own home swimming pool. But on second thoughts, no home swimming pool for me, for I have a Zero Waste blog and I have to live up to what I publish. Green garden OK, but a hardly used swimming pool that need expensive maintenance, hateful chemicals, lots of water which can be put to better use, a definite No No. By the way, that is one of the Laguna Collection you see in that photo.

Incidentally, I had a bungalow (detached house) designed by a Harvard University trained architect who added a pergola, but I was stupid enough to take it out of his design, much to his disappointment. Otherwise, I might be enjoying myself in one of that patio furniture under the pergola in my very own bungalow (detached house). In my country, there are what they call terrace houses (houses all connected to each other in a row with a common wall and roof), semi-detached house (2 houses joined at a common wall and sharing a common roof) and bungalows (as mentioned above, a stand alone house).

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Plants beautify and green your home and garden

Most people like greens, that is, trees, plants, flowers, etc. In the first place, these are the living organism that gives us the live essential - oxygen. Some even claim that looking at greens help our eyesight. Whatever it is, it makes a house cozy, beautiful, green and simply natural. One can put plants in the outdoor - in the garden. One can even bring them indoor, and a home with its interior decorated with indoor plants is a much more pleasant home to be in.

Of all the countries I visited, the one I am most impressed with is Switzerland. There are many things I liked about Switzerland, one of which is their beautiful Swiss Chalets which normally are beautifully decorated with flowers like the one in the photo below:

Swiss chalet decorated with flowers
Photo is property of Irene

Window box planters

In my country too, we have Window Box Planters like the one you see in the photo below:

The photo above is property of Peter Chen. You are free to use the photo provided you make an an active link to Peter Chen, this post or Home, Garden and Backyard Organic Farm

Indoor plants and indoor planters

I like indoor plants in both homes and offices, like those below:

Above photo is property of Clarissa Ines

Having Indoor Planters makes a home or office become so much more natural, pleasant, and just..... (at a loss for words). I am not very sure about this, but many think that indoor plants help put more life giving oxygen into homes and offices. Whatever it is, I think homes and offices with indoor plants are refreshing. Nothing more to add other than I just like it.

Garden plants and garden planters

Having green plants in the garden is also nice. What is a garden without plants? However, one can plant plants in the ground or grow them in Garden Planters. I think growing plants in garden planters have the advantage of mobility. You can move them around. Don't like it here? Move it over there! With plants rooted into the ground, you will have to dig them out, making sure you don't damage the roots too much, and transplant them, plus you have to pray that they survive the transplanting.

Monday, March 17, 2008

House renovation, contemporary and modern bedroom furnitures

I was fortunate in having bought a house in the early 70's. Property prices have increased so much, but salaries did not keep up. If I am to purchase a house today with current starting salaries, I will be in great difficulties.

However, that does not mean I do not have problems. My current house need renovations and I faced many dilemmas and indecisions. If I do renovate the house, do I do it in a way to fit my style of living and what I like or do I renovate it according to what the majority of potential buyers may like? That will be the issue that will determine how the renovations will be done. If I design it according to what I like, it will be in contemporary style and will suit the climate of my country, not what is in fashion. However, I am no longer young. My children may decide to continue to stay in the house or may decide to sell it and purchase their own. If the decision is to sell, I will not get the price I want for the house because generally the majority of home purchasers are looking for modern stuff plus stuff which are in fashion which is usually not suited to the climate of my country.

Whatever it is, I will probably going to need new Bedroom Furniture. The reason is I have ended up with a strange combination of bedroom furnitures because all of them were bought over a long span of time and do not complement each other.

If my decision is to renovate it with the possibility of the house being eventually sold, I would probably have to purchase a new set of Modern Bedroom Furniture.

If I decide to renovate my house according to what I want, I will probably have to purchase a new set of Contemporary Bedroom Furniture

Tough decision. Maybe so tough that I may eventually end up not renovating the house at all as one of my children said in a family discussion about the house that if there is any possibility of selling the house, then might as well not renovate it at all. That is fine with me as I am quite satisfied with my home as it is even though it can do with a lot of improvements. The next question will be, will those children still living with me be able to stand the condition of our home as it is without renovations. Let use see what happens in the future.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Discount, innovative, coaster furnitures and such

Had a peep at this furniture online merchant Home furniture and something perked my interest. Having a blog with blog title Zero Waste, I would be obviously be interested in saving money and it appears that site offers Discount Furniture plus Lifestyle Solutions where I spotted "patented Cradle Converter® and patented Vise-Protection System®" and I have another blog titled Patents and innovative products. I am all for patent as I myself have 2 patents, won the MINDS-Henry Goh Environmental Innovation award plus helped my university win a silver and bronze medal from the Geneva International Invention Convention. It would be nice to have both innovative plus discount furniture in my home.

Further, I like Coaster Furniture as I can roll coaster furniture all over the house without begging Sylvester Stallone with his bulging muscles to come to home to help move the furniture. What convenience. No need to depend upon Sylvester Stallone, Hercules, reluctant helpers, etc. I can move the coaster furniture anywhere I like all by myself. Does that interest you? If not, let me know why by leaving a comment in this post.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Mailboxes, Address Plaques for your Home

We may be living in the era of Internet and emails, but while the volume of snail mail (physical mail, letters in envelopes) is still here with us, and will be with for a long time. I, I am sure, will continue to receive checks in envelopes via the conventional mail system delivered plus that unavoidable junk mail. BTW if you are fed up with junk mails, the wastage and the environmental problems it caused, hope you will sign the Online petition to abolish junk mail.

Now snail mails or conventional mails can only be delivered by slipping the mail under your door (not feasible if your garden and home is fenced up or for bulky physical mails) or into mailboxes.

column mailbox or pillar mailbox on the set up of your home and garden, your preferences, perhaps your budget too, there are various types of mail boxes you can use for your home. I use what they call a column mailbox because my garden is fenced up with a pair of swing gates hinged on two columns or pillars on both sides of the gates, and the column mailbox is incorporated into one of the column or pillar. Now I don't know about your country, but in mine, road signboards are difficult to find or missing, and the great majority of the houses, if they bother at all, put only the address number on the column or pillar (some, especially shop houses, don't even have numbers). This can be frustrating especially if you can't find the road signboard and you don't know what road you are on. This is where address plaques with both number plus the road incorporated into the address plaque and screwed onto the column or pillar can be very useful for guests looking for your house, or even for those looking for other houses on the same road.

curbside mailbox instead of going for column mailboxes, especially if you live in a country which is relatively crime free and you can afford to leave your garden and home unfenced, you can opt for curbside mailboxes. Note that the garden and home in the photo is not fenced up and the curbside mailbox is just beside the road for the convenience of the postmen to drop your important mails into the mailbox. Wish I can have that for my home, but that is a dream.