Monday, October 14, 2013

Online hotel and hospitality supplies

I received an email telling me of this Hotel and Hospitality supplies company that sells essential items for the hospitality industry.

My daughter's in-law works in the hospitality industry. She helps run a popular seaside holiday resort. I should tell her about the above as it I am confident that it will go a long way to lessen her headaches of sourcing for supplies.

Many categories available including Disposable items, kitchen supplies, janitorial and many more, all within fingertip reach.

No need to waste precious time, burn fossil fuel as one drives around hunting for hospitality supplies. And more savings! Free shipping if qualifying retail purchases exceed $500.

The Green Deal Company

I received an email recently and that was how I learned that there is this Green Deal Company which I understand from their website is the government (United Kingdom) initiative for greener energy.

Greener energy? That is exactly what the world needs. Currently, the whole world is largely dependent on fossil fuel for its energy needs such as petroleum or coal. The negative thing about fossil fuel for energy is that it emits CO2 gas (carbon dioxide), a green house gas. As scientists learn more and more about global warming, they are becoming more and more confident that it is due to the green house effect caused by green house gasses such as Carbon Dioxide).

Other than fossil fuel, what other sources of energy can we use? Greener energy? That would be things like wind, tides, solar, hydroelectric, etc. These are still cost prohibitive and hydroelectric means inundating huge tracts of land. Nuclear energy? Currently, nuclear energy uses fission (splitting of large atom into 2 smaller atoms resulting in huge release of energy). Nuclear fission is "dirty", that is, it results in hard to manage radioactive by-products which may have half-life of thousands of years.

Nuclear fusion? Nuclear fusion is getting 2 small atom fused together to become a larger atom, again resulting in a huge release of energy.

The repulsive force between 2 positively charged atom is very big and to overcome these repulsive forces so that the small atoms can get close enough to fuse into one requires them to be heated up to very high temperatures. At these temperatures, there is no physical container that can contain these very hot plasma without melting.

Currently, scientists are experimenting with using electromagnetic fields to contain the very hot plasma. These require very expensive gargantuan structures.

The Green Deal Company website says they can help home owners, tenants and business owners apply for a GREEN DEAL so that they can use green energy for their homes and businesses.I know someone who says they have an alternative. Wonder if the Green Deal Company can assist in applying for a research grant to further develop my friends' idea. Perhaps worth a try?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Create storage space without expensive renovations

Are you the disorganized type like me? Do you have your things scattered all over the house cluttering up your home? Are your visitors greeted by shoes and sandals scattered on the floor in front of your home entrance? I hope the above is not descriptive of you, but unfortunately it fits me to a T. Well, I did discussed that issue with my architect and he came up with a plan with plenty of storage space. That is great, only snag is it will set my bank account by a huge amount.

What to do? Simplest is to create storage space out of existing space like under the bed. Yes, how about Bed Risers like the ones shown in the photo below:

bed risers create storage space below bed

With bed risers raising the bed higher thus creating more storage space under your bed, you can store much of your clutter under the bed.

For even more storage space without spending a bundle on house renovations, how about Room Dividers to screen off portion of your home like your bedrooms, behind which will become your storage space?

room divider

I think these are great ideas to manage clutter in the home. And finally those messy shoes and sandals. Simple, get Shoe Racks like the one in the photo below which you can hang behind doors. Presto, you have created storage space out of almost nothing:

hanging shoe rack behind door

Say bye-bye to expensive home renovations.

Friday, October 17, 2008

A Paradise Home with Swimming Pool

You have a home and a garden. What else is required to turn an ordinary home into a paradise? Perhaps a swimming pool? Water seem to have a magical calming effect on human. Wouldn't be like paradise if you can sit in your living room and when you look out of the window you see a nice inviting swimming pool like in the photo below:

swimming pool
Photo of swimming pool is property of Aslu

Imagine on a hot day being able to change into swimming gear and stepping out the house right into cooling water. Health experts all agree that swimming is one of the best form of aerobic exercise. With a swimming pool in your front or backyard, you can have the best aerobic exercise every day of the week if you so desired.

Yes it can be like paradise. However, neglect maintenance of the pool and you can very quickly end up with a headache instead. For maintenance, you will need Swimming Pool Supplies such as pool pumps, filters, cleaners, heaters, salt chlorine generators, etc. You should try to find a reliable source of swimming pool supplies to keep the swimming pool in healthy clean condition.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Modern Furniture and Love Seat etc.

Mies Pavilion Love Seat

The above photo of modern furniture's Mies Pavilion Loveseat attracted my eye. Why? It looked mighty familiar. I remembered drawing a 3D model of exactly the same design with AutoCAD and teaching Furniture Technology students "Introduction to CADCAM" (CADCAM = Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing) many years ago. I distinctly remembered the shape of the legs. It was exactly the same design but called a different name. It was more than 30 years ago and I can't remember the name for that seat anymore. It is a nice simple but elegant design.

At modern bedroom, I found more designs of simple elegant furniture design which would be easily amenable to 3D modeling which can also easily be done by students, like the example of a modern platform bed below:

modern platform bed

At modern living room however, I found some challenging design like the ZU-drop stool below:

ZU-Drop stool

While the spherical shape will be easy to model using what in 3D modeling "primitives", the complex curve surface of the top of the stool will be very difficult to duplicate.

If I ever get the time, I would like to create a 3D model of my house with 3D models of all the furniture, modern or otherwise. I have some antique furniture with carvings that will be extremely difficult to model.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bathroom furniture, cabinet, fittings, basin, tap

bathroom vanitiesOrganic farm needs lots of attention and lots of work, much more than what is needed in conventional farms where you just spray poison to keep pests away or add artificial fertilizers. After a hard day's work in the backyard organic farm, I think you deserve to retire to a beautiful bathroom to get all the garden soils that has attached to your body. How about brightening up your bathroom by adding Bathrom Furniture such as the Bathroom Cabinets in the photo on the left in this paragraph.

toothbrush holder bathroom accesoryI have seen some beautiful basin that comprise a large plate of see-through glass and a sunken depression. It looks very modern. Now if you are not prepared to do fairly substantial renovation, it is difficult to change your present standard basin to something more modern. However, you can try to add some modern Bathrom Basin like that see-through toothbrush holder in the photo.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Commercial Mailbox for Home, Condominium, Appartment, Shophouse

Photo of is property of dcJohn

If your home is in a condominium, instead of having a single mail box, it is likely your mailbox will be one of many like the Commercial Mailboxes you see above.

Now even if you have your feet firmly planted on earth and staying in conventional single or double-storey landed home with a garden, perhaps you may be interested in security as perhaps you often get valuables like cheques, etc., being sent via conventional snail mail. In this case perhaps a high security Commercial Mailbox like the one you see in the photo below:

security mailbox

In many parts of the world, shophouses are popular where you may have a commercial shophouse on the ground floor and residential units in the higher floors. In this case, each residential unit may have its own mail box among many Commercial Mail boxes.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Moving House - Furniture Removal and Discount

Moving House

This, moving house, is one thing I dread. Small personal items are OK and easy to move, but when it comes to bulky electrical appliances and furniture removal, that is a different "kettle of fish".

Removal Services

The first thing one need to do is to draw up a list of bulky furniture that will be involved in the removals. Check the local classified for removal quotes and see if they give a discount. A discount given can make a great difference in your removal cost.

house removal service
Photo of removal van is property of Gareth Saunders

Then prepare for the great day. Most of the small items should be organized and packed into small boxes like the above for easy removal.

Tips on moving house from Gareth Saunders

One thing I've found really helpful, if you're packing bits and pieces yourself is to organise for yourself a "packing box".

This is a small cardboard box (say 30cm x 30cm) into which you throw all the tools that you need when packing, such as:

1. Parcel tape (and parcel tape 'gun' if you have one -- they can be really handy); Gaffa tape can be handy too
2. Stanley knife (or pen knife, or scissors)
3. Cable ties or string
4. Screwdriver(s): flat blade and Philips/cross-head
5. Envelopes to put unscrewed screws and bolts into
6. Labels for sticking to boxes
7. Permanent marker pen (black)
8. Gloves (to protect your hands when lifting certain items)
9. Measuring tape (you'd be surprised how handy these are!)
10. Sheets of paper, for making notes/notices/labels/etc.

If you put everything back into the Packing Box when you're done packing something you'll know where everything is the next time, rather than having to hunt round the house for where you left each item.

I've moved house a number of times in the last few years and have found this approach really useful.


Moving House Removal Furniture