Saturday, June 28, 2008

Moving House - Furniture Removal and Discount

Moving House

This, moving house, is one thing I dread. Small personal items are OK and easy to move, but when it comes to bulky electrical appliances and furniture removal, that is a different "kettle of fish".

Removal Services

The first thing one need to do is to draw up a list of bulky furniture that will be involved in the removals. Check the local classified for removal quotes and see if they give a discount. A discount given can make a great difference in your removal cost.

house removal service
Photo of removal van is property of Gareth Saunders

Then prepare for the great day. Most of the small items should be organized and packed into small boxes like the above for easy removal.

Tips on moving house from Gareth Saunders

One thing I've found really helpful, if you're packing bits and pieces yourself is to organise for yourself a "packing box".

This is a small cardboard box (say 30cm x 30cm) into which you throw all the tools that you need when packing, such as:

1. Parcel tape (and parcel tape 'gun' if you have one -- they can be really handy); Gaffa tape can be handy too
2. Stanley knife (or pen knife, or scissors)
3. Cable ties or string
4. Screwdriver(s): flat blade and Philips/cross-head
5. Envelopes to put unscrewed screws and bolts into
6. Labels for sticking to boxes
7. Permanent marker pen (black)
8. Gloves (to protect your hands when lifting certain items)
9. Measuring tape (you'd be surprised how handy these are!)
10. Sheets of paper, for making notes/notices/labels/etc.

If you put everything back into the Packing Box when you're done packing something you'll know where everything is the next time, rather than having to hunt round the house for where you left each item.

I've moved house a number of times in the last few years and have found this approach really useful.


Moving House Removal Furniture

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Housewarming present - authentic imported furniture

Housewarming presents (gifts)

My daughter will be moving into their new home coming July. I have been giving her digital presents like digital secretarial bird for her birthday present. If I give her one more digital present for her housewarming, I think I might get clobbered over the head. Now I need to think of something more solid than a digital secretarial bird. Perhaps a real solid designer modern furniture for her new home may soothe her feelings. But what kind of furniture?

Furniture for kids

I have a grandson Lewis Chew who is just going to be 1 year old. But I suppose I can get some furniture for kids which either will fit his age now, but most likely they already have them. Perhaps I should get him furniture for when he grows up to be a toddler or teenager.

Furniture for the entertainment center

I know they like to relax by watching television, etc. Perhaps I should get them some furniture for the entertainment center. My first grandchild already is able to recognize himself in photos and videos and I believe ready for watching TV. Perhaps his parents can now introduce him to Sesame Street with him sitting on a toddler seat for the entertainment center.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Father's Day Presents for the Home and Garden - decorative relaxing items

My attitude regarding presents or gifts

Go to My first grandchild at his grandfather's birthday gathering. Unless one have the courage to list down what one may want for his or her presents, it is not uncommon for items which are either left in a corner to collect dust or one gets duplicate or even triplicates of the same item. That was the reason I started Environmentally Friendly Presents or Gifts.

My wish list for Father's Day

Father's Day is celebrated on the third Monday of June which is just round the corner. Let me set up my wish list for Father's Day.

rope hammock
Photo of rope hammock is property of Yard Envy's rope hammock

Another on my wish list is decorative bird houses so I can put them beside my rope hammock and enjoy the birds while rocking and relaxing on my rope hammock. I would suggest something similar to the one you see below:

decorative bird house
Photo of decorative bird house is property of Yard Envy

This is the last one on my wish list for the time being, is a teak patio furniture for my own relaxation as well as to entertain guests. Teak or Tecktona grandis is a very durable timber as well as being very beautiful with nice grain and can be polished to a smooth shinny surface. It will outlast me and it will pay my children good to get this for my father's day present as they will be buying them cheap while teak trees are still plentiful. By the time they are ready to take over, teak will be so scarce that it will be too expensive for them to buy it due to supply-demand with the scale skewed heavily over to the demand side.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Reader's Digest Gardening Family safe Section

I started reading Reader's Digest 30 over years ago. Reader's Digest is a great publication and provided great reading for condensed version of family safe and inspiring stories and was my favorite printed magazine. However, time has changed, and almost everything has gone online. Reader's Digest is no exception, and here is [Reader's Digest]'s Gardening Section.

My other blog is Natural Remedies or Food as Medicine. Reader's Digest have an easier natural remedy - Gardening to Beat Diabetes. You don't have to eat anything, food or medicine, just gardening to keep in shape.

I have another blog - Enviroman Says, an environmental blog. Not surprisingly, Reader's Digest have an answer to that too - Going Green at Home.

I remembered clearly Reader's Digest had a section - "Laughter is the best medicine". Reader's Digest has continued that tradition online by have a section "Funny, Clean Jokes and Cartoons. Its online version is Laughs! So after a strenuous day at the garden, relax and enjoy some family safe cartoon at Reader's Digest Online.