Monday, September 24, 2007

Luxurious bathrooms for your home

After laboring hard at your backyard organic farm, it will be nice to retire to a luxurious bathroom to clean yourself up. After working at the backyard organic farm, you will probably have picked up some dirt and worked up sticky sweat. A bath is imperative, but having a nice bathroom to clean yourself up will be a just reward for your hard work.

A luxurious shower enclosure will help to a great extend to keep the bathroom floor dry and non-slippery. A wet and slippery bathroom floor is one of the common causes of home accidents, leading to needless injuries and suffering and probably incurring medical bills you can ill afford.

Having a natural Birch wood bathroom fittings will give a luxurious and warm atmosphere for the bathroom, and you can enjoy your clean ups with feelings of happiness, well being, prosperity and all the positive feelings.

If you are just starting constructing or renovating your bathroom or bathrooms, consider getting a complete bathroom set and save yourself the headache of having to make decisions on the choice of many separate components of the bathroom or bathrooms.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Natural ways of pest control for backyard organic farmer

A backyard organic farmer need to know natural ways of pest control. A well know method of natural pest control is to attract bird to your backyard garden which may help eat up the pest that otherwise will eat up your hard work.

This online merchant, The Stainless Steel Store has a range of outdoor stainless steel products which include a stainless steel bird feeder which just might do the job of attracting pest eating birds to your backyard organic garden.

You will probably need to water your plants for them to thrive. If you want a watering can that really last a long time, they have a large stainless steel watering can that comes with a 5 year warranty from the manufacturer.

Busy in the day and have no time for your backyard garden but will like to work on it at night? No sweat. Get a stainless steel candle lantern to light the way. It also comes with a 5 year warranty from the manufacturer.

Looks like all their products comes with 5 year warranty from the manufacturer, but I wouldn't be surprised if they last much more longer than that. That is the way I like things - to last. I still have my clothing from many, many years back. In fact I had a singlet from participating in the Penang Bridge marathon from 20 plus years back which only recently got misplaced. I don't like to throw away things. I think it is much more environmentally friendly to get things that last a very long time, like stainless steel products. You contribute less stuff to the landfill.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Stuff for your backyard organic garden

I have a Paypal account with a significant balance. I will like to use it to do some online shopping, so looking for online merchants for getting things for the home and garden. Here is just such a site offering great stuff for home and garden.

One of the principle of organic garden is to use nature for pest control. For example, you would like to attract birds to your backyard organic garden so that they will eat up the pests that would otherwise eat up your organic produce you work so hard to grow. One nice and aesthetic way would be to place a bird bath in your backyard organic farm. The above site has a section offering a wide selection of ShopWiki bird baths.

Other ways to control pests are to have vegetation that attract insects that may eat up the pest for you free of charge and labour, and I think having a nice hedge around your backyard organic farm may do the trick. But hedges need to be trimmed, otherwise they will become an eyesore. I will be good to have a hedge trimmer to make that task easy. There is again a great selection of hedge trimmers at ShopWiki hedge trimmers

There are other offerings for the home and garden at ShopWiki. I believe you can find anything you may conceivably need at ShopWiki. All you need to do is to get online and surf to that site.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Organic Farming in Florida and others

Organic agriculture in Florida is a rapidly growing industry with many certified organic operators, including certified organic growers, value-added growers, and processors. The State of Florida has a few organisations connected with organic products, including

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Florida Certified Organic Growers & Consumers, Inc. (FOG) at

Sweetwater Organic Community Farm

Bee Heaven Farm - Pikarco

University of Florida Centre for Organic Agriculture

Jessica's Organic Farm

The University of Florida have announced that they are offering an Organic Farming Major. This is a double plus for Florida organic farming because there will be more trained organic farmers and also more research on organic farming methods and practices will be conducted.

If you want to observe organic farming in Florida, pay that sunny state a visit. Book your accommodation at Florida vacation rental homes. However, don't confine yourself to organic farming because Florida is a great place for a well deserved vacation.

Consider popping over to Orlando, the world capital of theme parks, especially if you have your family with you. With the world renowned Walt Disney World Resort which is the largest and most visited recreational resort in the world located there, your children will love you for it. But adults will enjoy the resort too. There is also the Universal Studios Orlando. Disney have two water parks, six golf courses, a sports complex, an auto race track, twenty resort hotels, numerous shopping, dining, and entertainment offerings in Orlando. They also operate an extensive public transit system of buses, boats, and monorails.

If those great tourist attractions interest you, book your accommodation at Orlando vacation rental homes.

But Florida has more than just organic farming and great theme parks to offer. You must have known of Miami Beach through that famous and popular TV show, Miami Vice. Many of the shots were filmed in South Beach, now a thriving tourist spot with a great beach, busy night life with lots of night clubs and restaurants, and a magnet for fashion shoots. So expect to see beautiful models posing for photographs there. Miami Beach is also famous for its Art Deco architecture, which also attracts photo shoots.

For Miami Beach, the place to book accommodation is Miami beach vacation rentals.