Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Stuff for your backyard organic garden

I have a Paypal account with a significant balance. I will like to use it to do some online shopping, so looking for online merchants for getting things for the home and garden. Here is just such a site offering great stuff for home and garden.

One of the principle of organic garden is to use nature for pest control. For example, you would like to attract birds to your backyard organic garden so that they will eat up the pests that would otherwise eat up your organic produce you work so hard to grow. One nice and aesthetic way would be to place a bird bath in your backyard organic farm. The above site has a section offering a wide selection of ShopWiki bird baths.

Other ways to control pests are to have vegetation that attract insects that may eat up the pest for you free of charge and labour, and I think having a nice hedge around your backyard organic farm may do the trick. But hedges need to be trimmed, otherwise they will become an eyesore. I will be good to have a hedge trimmer to make that task easy. There is again a great selection of hedge trimmers at ShopWiki hedge trimmers

There are other offerings for the home and garden at ShopWiki. I believe you can find anything you may conceivably need at ShopWiki. All you need to do is to get online and surf to that site.

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