Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Personalized items for your home and garden

Human have a strange predilection. They don't want a standard Ford car that can have any color you like, except that it must be black. Witness the many highly personalized vehicles we have on the roads. The most innocent ones is the personalized vehicle plate.

Well, house proud home owners are no different. Give them a choice to get something specially personalized for their home, and I am sure they will jump for it. Probably that is the reason why this online merchant address signs offers personal housewarming gifts. It says housewarming, but you don't really need to have a housewarming party as an excuse for getting things like personalized door mats. Imagine what a creative home owner can do with that. Think of funny punch lines and make your visitors smile (and hopefully laugh heartily) when they step into your home. Or leave subtle hints on do's and don't's on the door mat. If you don't have that creative juice in you, perhaps you can persuade Roland's Housewarming Gifts star a "Creative Department" to do that for you, at a charge of course. I will make this suggestion to them once I publish this post, hope that it become another profit center for them and perhaps some pocket money for me.

For the garden (or more accurately, the front of the garden), or on the front wall of your home, perhaps you can get Personalized Mailboxes or custom address plaque.

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