Sunday, October 21, 2007

Wall Mounted and Locking Mailboxes for your home

Mail box for a home is important. That is where important mails and letters from loved ones and friends are delivered. If it is a secure mail box, that is even better, for then you don't have to worry about mails going missing. And don't forget aesthetic. I am sure you don't want an ugly mail box right in front of your home for every passerby to see. One ugly mail box can spoil the look of an otherwise beautiful home. Don't sting on mail box.

You can have a a choice of more than 1500 different type of mailboxes at For residential mailboxes, the most suitable ones are wall mounted mailboxes. You can have mailboxes of different shapes and finishes, made of stainless steel, aluminum or other materials. And with their 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, you can make your choice and order with peace of mind that you will get a mailbox that you will be happy with. And not only that, you can be sure you will get the best price, for they have an exclusive 111% Guaranteed Price Match. That 111% sound strange, but what they meant is that if you can find the same mailbox being sold at a lower delivered price, all you have to do is to email their sales staff to report a Price Matching. Give them the store's name, the item, and the location of the advertised item so that they can verify their delivered price, that the item is new, they are in-stock and are dealers of that particular item plus the item has the manufacturer's warranty. Once that have been verified, they will not only match the lower price, but even give you a 11% discount on the difference between prices. You can even profit from your "misfortune"!!!!!

If you are worried about your private correspondence stolen by your nosy neighbour, look at their selection of Locking Mailboxes.

Some home owners may have a business and need commercial mailboxes. No worry. This online merchant,, have a wide selection of commercial mailboxes.

Now, what else do you want. Curbside mailboxes to make life easy for your friendly postman? They have that too. Go check their site.

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