Friday, February 15, 2008

Vacation away from the home

Should one remain homebound or housebound all our life? This question is perhaps best addressed to a housebound housewife. An employed working husband gets to go to office every working day, plus probably all expense paid business or company (vacation) trips or incentive vacations. But a housebound housewife?

A house is a home, and a home has a family and I think a family should take time off for a vacation together. This is especially in these modern times where family members do not get together as much as they should as they are caught up with their work, studies, friends, sports, nightclubbing, etc.

I have traveled around, and as a family even when I was a married student in Belgium. I, my late wife, my eldest daughter, at one time, even our unborn baby, traveled together to London, Paris, various parts of Nederland, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee only invented the World Wide Web in March 1989, well before we were in Europe, even before I traveled to the United States. And even if I had been traveling shortly after 1989, the World Wide Web wasn't as well developed as now. I believe initially, it was limited to the researchers. I work at a college (now upgraded to University). I had to do research. In those early days, I don't think that privilege was extended to me. Even after the
World Wide Web was opened to the public, I remembered the frustrations as searches turned up all kinds of irrelevant results. And online commerce or e-Commerce, was not well developed like they are today.

I also remembered having to waste precious (and expensive) tourist time hunting for suitable accommodation upon arrival at a destination. Tourist time is expensive because we have to pay for travel, for accommodation, for food, and the time is meant for touring the place we visit, not for hunting for suitable accommodation that fits our budget. The picture now is different with many online booking accommodation like Vacation rental homes. If you and your family is ever going to get away from your home for a well deserved vacation, I would advice that you book your accommodation before departure. This is speaking from experience.

Lake Tahoe, United States of America

Lake Tahoe is a large freshwater lake located smack between California and Nevada in the Sierra Nevada mountains of the United States. I had been there before, but traveling alone. The water in Lake Tahoe is crystal clear and views of the surrounding mountains is beautiful. It was winter when I was there and I went up to a ski resort, but did not ski. There are plenty of ski resorts in Lake Tahoe. Maybe I should have tried a bit of sled riding as there are public and private sled parks around Lake Tahoe. It seems some ski areas even have Snow tubing and Snowshoeing. I have an idea of what Snowshoeing is involved, but what exactly is snow tubing? I have also heard that now you can go Snowmobile riding, but I don't think I would want that. It is not environmentally friendly.

I understand there are lots of outdoor recreation and tourist attractions in Lake Tahoe in summer. Many go for water sports in from late spring to early autumn. Lake Tahoe's largest city is South Lake Tahoe on the California part of Lake Tahoe. This is where many of water sport enthusiasts head for, the other being the smaller Stateline, Nevada. Lake Tahoe even have its own Coast Guard to ensure visitors' safety.

I have never been to South Lake Tahoe, and if I ever have any plan to go there, I will probably book my accommodation online at South Lake Tahoe.

Whistler, British Columbia, Canadian

I have been to Switzerland thrice, and the best memories I have was my visit to Grindelwald, a winter resort. There is great similarity between Grindelwald and Whistler of British Columbia, Canadian, another mountain resort town in the Pacific Ranges of the Coast Mountains about 125 kilometer north of Vancouver. I would love to return to Grindelwald, Switzerland, but Whistler, Canada, looks like a better alternative, a change. It looks like Whistler vacation rentals lined up.

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