Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Mailboxes, Address Plaques for your Home

We may be living in the era of Internet and emails, but while the volume of snail mail (physical mail, letters in envelopes) is still here with us, and will be with for a long time. I, I am sure, will continue to receive checks in envelopes via the conventional mail system delivered plus that unavoidable junk mail. BTW if you are fed up with junk mails, the wastage and the environmental problems it caused, hope you will sign the Online petition to abolish junk mail.

Now snail mails or conventional mails can only be delivered by slipping the mail under your door (not feasible if your garden and home is fenced up or for bulky physical mails) or into mailboxes.

column mailbox or pillar mailbox on the set up of your home and garden, your preferences, perhaps your budget too, there are various types of mail boxes you can use for your home. I use what they call a column mailbox because my garden is fenced up with a pair of swing gates hinged on two columns or pillars on both sides of the gates, and the column mailbox is incorporated into one of the column or pillar. Now I don't know about your country, but in mine, road signboards are difficult to find or missing, and the great majority of the houses, if they bother at all, put only the address number on the column or pillar (some, especially shop houses, don't even have numbers). This can be frustrating especially if you can't find the road signboard and you don't know what road you are on. This is where address plaques with both number plus the road incorporated into the address plaque and screwed onto the column or pillar can be very useful for guests looking for your house, or even for those looking for other houses on the same road.

curbside mailbox instead of going for column mailboxes, especially if you live in a country which is relatively crime free and you can afford to leave your garden and home unfenced, you can opt for curbside mailboxes. Note that the garden and home in the photo is not fenced up and the curbside mailbox is just beside the road for the convenience of the postmen to drop your important mails into the mailbox. Wish I can have that for my home, but that is a dream.

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