Thursday, March 26, 2009

Create storage space without expensive renovations

Are you the disorganized type like me? Do you have your things scattered all over the house cluttering up your home? Are your visitors greeted by shoes and sandals scattered on the floor in front of your home entrance? I hope the above is not descriptive of you, but unfortunately it fits me to a T. Well, I did discussed that issue with my architect and he came up with a plan with plenty of storage space. That is great, only snag is it will set my bank account by a huge amount.

What to do? Simplest is to create storage space out of existing space like under the bed. Yes, how about Bed Risers like the ones shown in the photo below:

bed risers create storage space below bed

With bed risers raising the bed higher thus creating more storage space under your bed, you can store much of your clutter under the bed.

For even more storage space without spending a bundle on house renovations, how about Room Dividers to screen off portion of your home like your bedrooms, behind which will become your storage space?

room divider

I think these are great ideas to manage clutter in the home. And finally those messy shoes and sandals. Simple, get Shoe Racks like the one in the photo below which you can hang behind doors. Presto, you have created storage space out of almost nothing:

hanging shoe rack behind door

Say bye-bye to expensive home renovations.

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