Monday, October 14, 2013

The Green Deal Company

I received an email recently and that was how I learned that there is this Green Deal Company which I understand from their website is the government (United Kingdom) initiative for greener energy.

Greener energy? That is exactly what the world needs. Currently, the whole world is largely dependent on fossil fuel for its energy needs such as petroleum or coal. The negative thing about fossil fuel for energy is that it emits CO2 gas (carbon dioxide), a green house gas. As scientists learn more and more about global warming, they are becoming more and more confident that it is due to the green house effect caused by green house gasses such as Carbon Dioxide).

Other than fossil fuel, what other sources of energy can we use? Greener energy? That would be things like wind, tides, solar, hydroelectric, etc. These are still cost prohibitive and hydroelectric means inundating huge tracts of land. Nuclear energy? Currently, nuclear energy uses fission (splitting of large atom into 2 smaller atoms resulting in huge release of energy). Nuclear fission is "dirty", that is, it results in hard to manage radioactive by-products which may have half-life of thousands of years.

Nuclear fusion? Nuclear fusion is getting 2 small atom fused together to become a larger atom, again resulting in a huge release of energy.

The repulsive force between 2 positively charged atom is very big and to overcome these repulsive forces so that the small atoms can get close enough to fuse into one requires them to be heated up to very high temperatures. At these temperatures, there is no physical container that can contain these very hot plasma without melting.

Currently, scientists are experimenting with using electromagnetic fields to contain the very hot plasma. These require very expensive gargantuan structures.

The Green Deal Company website says they can help home owners, tenants and business owners apply for a GREEN DEAL so that they can use green energy for their homes and businesses.I know someone who says they have an alternative. Wonder if the Green Deal Company can assist in applying for a research grant to further develop my friends' idea. Perhaps worth a try?

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