Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Modern Furniture for the Modern Home

Types of furniture

I was a lecturer in the Wood Technology Department but ended up in the Furniture Department when that was transferred to a remote branch campus. So I know a thing or two about furniture.

Furniture can be classified according to its function, such as furniture for storage, for seating, for providing a surface such as a desk, for dining, for sleeping, etc.

One may also use the raw material to make the furniture to classify them, such as wooden furniture, cane furniture, metal furniture, leather furniture, fabric furniture, even plastic furniture.

Furniture may also be classified according to periods such as classical furniture, neo classical furniture, modern furniture, colonial furniture, etc.

For a modern home, the Modern Furniture would be more fitting. Such furniture may be for the living room, dining room, bedroom, children room or the kitchen.

Bedroom furniture

My doctor said I need to get more sleep to stay healthy, so for the moment, let's focus on furniture for the bedroom. The focus of the bedroom will of course be the bed. I don't know about you, but for me, I like the sleek, clean and simple lines of the platform bed. Platform beds are beds are simple structure with a base comprising a raised, flat, hard, horizontal surface to support a mattress with slats or solid paneling. They do not use box spring or any mattress foundation. That is all I need and it looks modern, clean and nice.

Living room furniture

Here, the focus will be the lounge set. I have had a cane sitting room set that have lasted me 30 years and has served me well, but its bindings are coming off and the nails are getting loose. Perhaps it is time to get something new for the impending New Year. I am thinking of a Full Leather Sofa Set. I don't like fabric sofa as they are hard to maintain and easy to stain. I think leather sofa set like the Aida Ultra Modern Full Leather Sofa Set you see in the photo on the left is comfortable, elegant looking and easy to maintain. Leather also softens and improves with time.

Well, these are the two places I spent the most of my time in and is most important to me. I will leave the rest perhaps to another time.

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