Monday, December 17, 2007

Address Plaques and Residential Mailboxes

House Address Plaques

I have been preoccupied with the inside of the house so far. An examination of the outside showed that the house frontage can do with some improvement. First is the house number. It used to be chrome, but that has tarnished to black. Not going to impress any visitors. The photo gave more credit to the blackened house number than what is really due to it, as it is more black than gray, and not very visible. Sure can do with some improvement.

This one looks more like what my house need. Not only is the house number shown, the name of the road is also displayed. I remember the time I have been utterly frustrated when searching for a house. Frequently, the road name is often missing plus the sign displaying the road name for the whole road (responsibility of the town council or city hall) is either missing or very well hidden. Caused one to burn up more precious and expensive fossil fuel than is necessary and leads to much wastage of time. Looks like I should get something like this for my house which is available from Address Plaques. However, I think I should look at more choices of Address Plaques. When you are shopping around, one big advantage is that you can take your time to browse through all the available choices and do some comparison shopping.

House mailbox

My mailbox looks pretty worn and rundown too, don't you think? Maybe it might be worthwhile to change to something more attractive. Maybe that will make the postman more happy to deliver my mail to my mailbox and not go deliver to the wrong house and what has frequently happened before. And my poor neighbour have to take the trouble of doing the job for the postman and deliver my mail back to me. Wonder what is behind his smiling face. In his mind, was he really thinking of a dagger or something for putting him to all the trouble?

This one looks much prettier, plus it has the house number incorporated into the mailbox. Make economic sense. Buy one, get two. Special offer. I think I should go for one of these Residential Mailboxes. Perhaps they have something similar that is both a mail box plus a house number cum road address. Buy one, get three. That is what I call economic sense.

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