Sunday, January 20, 2008

My family needs a dishwasher

Problems in the house

My daughter is the only female in the house and her company keeps her very busy from Monday to Friday. The other 3 are myself and my 2 sons. One is in the college and another one has just started working and cannot afford to slack from his work. That leaves only me because our Cambodian maid has been taken by my daughter whose life now revolves around "youngest blogger" in the world. I am glued to the computer, hates housework, and don't know how to cook. So what can I do? Walk to the "chap fan" (literally "mixed rice" or sometimes referred to "budget rice") restaurant. I buy back ready cooked food for myself and my family. We eat the meals. Then what is left? The dishes. They need to be washed. Who is going to wash the dishes? That is a hard question to answer because dish washing is a chore that all busy people hates. More problems. My daughter has a simple surgery done on her sole, but it was not too successful and the problem surfaced again. This Friday, she have to do a second more extensive surgery on the sole. She is already limping around the house. Don't know what is going to happen after Friday.

Solution to "who is going to do the dish washing" problem

So what is an easy solution? The Dishwasher Reviews of course. Do some online window shopping, pick a choice, empty my bank account a bit or a lot depending on what the children chose (unfortunately the oldest in the house is no longer the sole decision maker), install the dish washer. Load it up with the dirty dishes, push some buttons, and withing minutes, the job is done. No more fighting over whose turn it is of do the dishes.

More problems in the house

Frigidaire GLD2445RF DishwasherWhat problem? Our house is 30 over years. I have no problems, but my children are not happy with the kitchen. They say they don't feel comfortable in the ancient kitchen. I agree with them that the kitchen needs renovation although I don't mind it as it is as I have a very high tolerance, but I cannot force my children to be like me. They want a modern, beautiful kitchen with built-in cupboards and built-in Frigidaire GLD2445RF Dishwasher like the one you see in the photo on the left.

Frigidaire GLD4355RF DishwasherOr perhaps the Frigidaire GLD4355RF Dishwasher. Both seem the same to me except the ranking and the price, but one photo showed something more elaborate and this one showed something more simple. I tend to go for simple stuff unless we need some essentials like extra storage space. But from the photo, it is not dependent on the dish washers, but on our choice of what kind of kitchen cabinets we chose to install. Both appear to me to be able to fit into either.

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