Friday, January 04, 2008

Decorate your walls with decorative wall decor

I have been writing stuff about the garden, the little backyard organic farm, the home frontage, electrical appliances, blinds for the windows, furniture, bathroom fittings, all kind of stuff. What did I miss?

The one that most home owner missed. I have left out the wall!!! What is a home with a blank wall? Simple answer, no fun home. A wall cannot be blank. It needs to be decorated. A wall can tell story. A blank wall tell a very dull story. But a wall decorated with imagination and creativity tells an exciting story and makes the home more comfy and pleasant to come home to. So let us decorate the wall.

But how? Here are various possibilities:

metal wall decorations

wrought iron decorThere is something about wrought iron. It exudes an atmosphere of the good old times. History. Wrought iron is pure iron with a very small carbon content and some slag. It has a "grain" similar to wood, and who don't like wood?

That is one possibility. Others are decorating your wall with architectural elements and metal wall art or iron wall grilles.

Wall candle holders

wall candle holder>Ever had a power failure, when you have to grope around in the dark because some careless contractor dug at the wrong place and broke some underground electrical cables, or some switch tripped at some electrical transmission station? Scramble around for candles, light them up and stick them of some sardine cans for emergency lighting. Well, a better idea may be to get some wall candle holders. Not only will they decorate your house, they will come in mighty useful during an electrical outage. Don't you think the wall candle holder looks pretty? Maybe I can even use it for the Digital Candlelight Vigil for a good cause. At last I now have something that may equal or exceed that of my Australian friend Mike who started a digital candlelight vigil for cancer victims.

Decorative Wall Mirrors

antique wall mirrorIs your home cramped? Staying in a tiny apartment or condominium maybe? Want to get rid of the cramped feeling and create a sense of spaciousness. Easy. Get some decorative wall mirrors. If you have opted for the wrought iron wall decor for a rustic look, the decorative antique mirror you see in the photo will complement the wrought iron wall decor plus the reflected images will create a sense of space. If you have furnished your home with modern furniture, etc., you can opt for modern wall mirrors. they will all achieve the same objective. Make a cramped apartment into a home that has the atmosphere of a spacious bungalow.

If you have been reading my previous post, you will know that I am environmentally conscious and prefer to shop online using my 24 hour broadband environmentally friendly Internet. In any case, I have no car as all my cars have been given to my children who needs it for their work. When will we ever get a new economic model where one don't need to travel so much for work? Anyway, all the above are either online merchants you can purchase what you want without stepping out of your home, or if you want to promote a cause with a candlelight vigil, you also don't need to travel. It can all be done in the comfort of your home, and in an environmentally way too.

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