Thursday, April 10, 2008

ShopWiki, Wikipedia or Google of online shopping

Practically every surfer on earth knows about Wikipedia, the online free encyclopedia which humbled the mighty Encyclopedia Britannica. The latest is online shopping Wikipedia for home and garden.

ShopWiki for Home and Garden

What exactly is this According to the website, it looks like a revolutionary Wikipedia, or more accurately the Google of online shopping for home and garden knick knacks and other stuff. Most general online shopping wait passively or semi-actively for products to be included in their website or perhaps actively canvass for paid insertions in their websites. Not so for ShopWiki, says the owner of ShopWiki. ShopWiki is proactive. They don't sit on their butts and wait for merchandisers to come to them. They say they have spiders to crawl the Web for products, just like the search engines. Not only that, ShopWiki will place everything a shopper might need irrespective of whether they earn anything from the insertions. In this way, they say, they can have a pretty comprehensive range of products available for purchase online. Don't know about you, but to me, that sounds pretty revolutionary.

Now I used to make pretty delicious turbo-broiled chicken for myself and my family using my own invented and unconventional recipe (I am an unconventional man). What I did was to use a juice extractor to extract the juice out of peeled garlic. Use the garlic juice extract together with seasoning like honey, tom yam paste, oyster sauce, etc., together with the garlic pulp (I try my best to use everything, throw nothing away), for marinating the chicken for a few hours, then turbo-broil it in the turbo-broiler. Note that garlic is a very powerful natural antibiotic and I am confident that I can marinate for a long time without any problems. With this unconventional method, a recipe you will find nowhere else, not only will we have healthier chicken to eat as quite a lot of the chicken fan would have dripped to the bottom of the pan, we also ended up with an aromatic and very tasty chicken which my whole family loved. Don't know about you. I love the smell of garlic.

Only problem is, both the turbo-broiler plus the juice extractor are no longer with us. That makes me itching to look for replacement. Look for replacement. Perhaps has the perfect solution. There is a search box in that site. Let us give it a trial. I typed "turbo broiler" into the search box and searched. Result? turbo broiler search result from ShopWiki.

How about juice extractor? They have that too. A search revealed fruit extractor ShopWiki search result which turned up 237 results, a pretty impressive figure.

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