Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Playground equipment in the home for children and grandchildren

Are your a parent, meaning you have children, or are your a grandparent with grandchildren? Well, I am both, well, at least a grandfather of one with another on the way. I use to have swing sets in my garden. That was once upon a time a long time ago. They are now all grown up and in fact one of them have become a parent herself and another one will be a parent soon. Where have the swing sets gone, I do not know. But my grandson will soon grow up together with the one on the way, and when they are big enough, I will probably want a swing set in my home for them to enjoy just like their parents when they were children. However, this time, I will probably go for a tire swing as I am environmentally conscious and believe in reduce, REUSE and recycle and there are lots and lots of used tyres waiting to be REUSED.

However, for the moment, they are not big enough to be able to sit on a swing, and I would probably have to think of something more suitable like other playground equipment that they would actually be able to enjoy. Then perhaps I will get more frequent visits from my first grandson and my soon to be born second grandson.

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