Friday, April 04, 2008

Epoxy floor coatings for the home

What is epoxy?

I got familiar with epoxy when I had to teach "Adhesive and Adhesion before I retired as an associate professor. Epoxy is a very versatile thermosetting polymer which is not only used as a very good adhesive, but is also used in coatings, paints, making various types of composites which when reinforced with fibers like fiberglass, are then used for things like industrial tooling, molds, marine applications, aerospace even including outer space.

Epoxy floor coatings

Epoxy resins can be used for high performance flooring which include heavy duty industrial flooring as well as domestic decorative flooring. Epoxy may be combined with marble or colored chips to make terrazzo flooring or colored aggregate flooring. For existing floors, the versatile polymer may be used as an epoxy floor coating. If you are a handyman prepared to get your hands dirty and save some money, perhaps diy epoxy floor may be in their consideration.

I used to make homemade CNC machines, but those were desktop mills and lathes which I even play with in my bedroom. It is extremely fascinating to be able to type a few lines of codes into the computer and watch the machine do exactly what you commanded. However, with desktop CNC machines, you can only fabricate tiny items. There are many I know who bought used heavy duty mills like the one you see in the photo below:

heavy duty 3 axis mill
Photo of 3 axis milling machine belong to Bill Ohl

buy stepper or servo motors, fabricate their own motor controller (actually even the same one I made for my desktop 3 axis mill can be used), convert the manual 3 axis milling machine to CNC (Computer Numeric Computer) and machine all kinds of very respectable size stuff.

There is no way I can put that monster into my bedroom, not even the living, dining or kitchen. If I ever get such a monstrous machine, the only place I can put it will be in the garage. And when you are doing machining, you will be moving lots of heavy stuff around. For such purposes, applying garage floor epoxy would be a great idea.

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