Sunday, May 04, 2008

Mailboxes, problems and solutions

My problem mailbox is still a problem. See the photo below:

mailbox problem: letters exposed

See the letters sticking out? Well, for one, a passer-by can just take it away. Another, when it rains, the letters will get wet. So what may be a solution?

Perhaps mailboxes like that wacky one shown in the photo below?

wacky England mailbox
Photo of is property of Tommy

The slot definitely looks much larger than mine and I guess the postman will have no problem stuffing my mails all the way into the mailbox. But where can I get such mailboxes? Wonder if whitehall products may have something similar as they sells all kind of mailboxes, address plaques, even other things like home and garden decor, personalized doormats, even bird baths and bird feeders. I think I should check out that website and see what they have to offer in terms of mailboxes which will not leave my mails sticking out, liable to be stolen and getting wet when it rains and I did not take my mails into the house.

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