Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Reader's Digest Gardening Family safe Section

I started reading Reader's Digest 30 over years ago. Reader's Digest is a great publication and provided great reading for condensed version of family safe and inspiring stories and was my favorite printed magazine. However, time has changed, and almost everything has gone online. Reader's Digest is no exception, and here is [Reader's Digest]'s Gardening Section.

My other blog is Natural Remedies or Food as Medicine. Reader's Digest have an easier natural remedy - Gardening to Beat Diabetes. You don't have to eat anything, food or medicine, just gardening to keep in shape.

I have another blog - Enviroman Says, an environmental blog. Not surprisingly, Reader's Digest have an answer to that too - Going Green at Home.

I remembered clearly Reader's Digest had a section - "Laughter is the best medicine". Reader's Digest has continued that tradition online by have a section "Funny, Clean Jokes and Cartoons. Its online version is Laughs! So after a strenuous day at the garden, relax and enjoy some family safe cartoon at Reader's Digest Online.

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