Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Father's Day Presents for the Home and Garden - decorative relaxing items

My attitude regarding presents or gifts

Go to My first grandchild at his grandfather's birthday gathering. Unless one have the courage to list down what one may want for his or her presents, it is not uncommon for items which are either left in a corner to collect dust or one gets duplicate or even triplicates of the same item. That was the reason I started Environmentally Friendly Presents or Gifts.

My wish list for Father's Day

Father's Day is celebrated on the third Monday of June which is just round the corner. Let me set up my wish list for Father's Day.

rope hammock
Photo of rope hammock is property of Yard Envy's rope hammock

Another on my wish list is decorative bird houses so I can put them beside my rope hammock and enjoy the birds while rocking and relaxing on my rope hammock. I would suggest something similar to the one you see below:

decorative bird house
Photo of decorative bird house is property of Yard Envy

This is the last one on my wish list for the time being, is a teak patio furniture for my own relaxation as well as to entertain guests. Teak or Tecktona grandis is a very durable timber as well as being very beautiful with nice grain and can be polished to a smooth shinny surface. It will outlast me and it will pay my children good to get this for my father's day present as they will be buying them cheap while teak trees are still plentiful. By the time they are ready to take over, teak will be so scarce that it will be too expensive for them to buy it due to supply-demand with the scale skewed heavily over to the demand side.

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