Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Housewarming present - authentic imported furniture

Housewarming presents (gifts)

My daughter will be moving into their new home coming July. I have been giving her digital presents like digital secretarial bird for her birthday present. If I give her one more digital present for her housewarming, I think I might get clobbered over the head. Now I need to think of something more solid than a digital secretarial bird. Perhaps a real solid designer modern furniture for her new home may soothe her feelings. But what kind of furniture?

Furniture for kids

I have a grandson Lewis Chew who is just going to be 1 year old. But I suppose I can get some furniture for kids which either will fit his age now, but most likely they already have them. Perhaps I should get him furniture for when he grows up to be a toddler or teenager.

Furniture for the entertainment center

I know they like to relax by watching television, etc. Perhaps I should get them some furniture for the entertainment center. My first grandchild already is able to recognize himself in photos and videos and I believe ready for watching TV. Perhaps his parents can now introduce him to Sesame Street with him sitting on a toddler seat for the entertainment center.

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