Thursday, October 06, 2005

Bananas from our backyard.

A quick Google search for the term "define organic farming" produced the following: " web definitions for Organic farming: Agricultural production system without or with only limited use of pesticides and synthetic fertilisers."

We have been doing a limited amount of farming in my small garden, all completely without any pesticides or synthetic fertilisers. So going by the above web definition, we have been already practicing organic farming on a limited scale for some time. We have, among others, 2 banana plants in our backyard, planted by our previous Indonesian maid. Some 4 large combs of bananas were harvested a few days ago and allowed to ripen naturally. I must say, the bananas tasted real nice, fresh and sweet, a world of difference from those we purchase from the market, which we presumed were ripened using ethylene gas (carbide). Eating produce from our own backyard, I must say, is sheer satisfaction.


Herb Dude said...

Thanks for your informative note. I have bananas thriving in my yard, which I planted a few years ago as barely a string of root. With two large bunches looking fully developed, but not ripe, I've begun wondering whether to wait for them to ripen on the plant or not. I see you harvested before they ripened. Is that the preferred way to do it?

Peter said...

Commercial people harvest theirs before it is ripe, but I don't know what is the preferred, I think probable waiting is best, but not too practical. My maid harvested them before it was fully ripen, placed them in a container and allowed them to ripen. My children loved the taste.