Sunday, October 02, 2005

Why using artificial fertilizers is no good.

Artificial fertilizers contain nitrogen, phosporus and potassium (NPK). Nitrogen occurs as nitrites, nitrates and ammonium. The nitrite form is very toxic and if taken in by humans in drinking water or in food, enters the bloodstream where it interferes with the ability of the blood to carry oxygen. Nitrites can also form compounds that is carcinogenic (cause cancer). Nitrates, though less toxic than nitrites, if taken in by cattle, young animals and children, may be converted to nitrites in their stomachs. Also, if there is too much nitrogen in the soil, it is absorbed into the vegetables in the from of nitrates which may be converted into nitrites under certain conditiions. When one eat these vegetables, the nitrites are digested and converted into nitrosamines whcih can cause stomach cancer.

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