Sunday, March 23, 2008

Patio furniture for your home

I can just imagine myself relaxing in a patio furniture like the one you see in the photo at the left of this paragraph (note: photo is property of Patio Furniture.) For me, it will be almost like being in paradise, cool breeze blowing to cool you down, fresh air, gazing at nice green, and if I get wealthy enough, perhaps even gazing at my own home swimming pool. But on second thoughts, no home swimming pool for me, for I have a Zero Waste blog and I have to live up to what I publish. Green garden OK, but a hardly used swimming pool that need expensive maintenance, hateful chemicals, lots of water which can be put to better use, a definite No No. By the way, that is one of the Laguna Collection you see in that photo.

Incidentally, I had a bungalow (detached house) designed by a Harvard University trained architect who added a pergola, but I was stupid enough to take it out of his design, much to his disappointment. Otherwise, I might be enjoying myself in one of that patio furniture under the pergola in my very own bungalow (detached house). In my country, there are what they call terrace houses (houses all connected to each other in a row with a common wall and roof), semi-detached house (2 houses joined at a common wall and sharing a common roof) and bungalows (as mentioned above, a stand alone house).

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