Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Discount, innovative, coaster furnitures and such

Had a peep at this furniture online merchant Home furniture and something perked my interest. Having a blog with blog title Zero Waste, I would be obviously be interested in saving money and it appears that site offers Discount Furniture plus Lifestyle Solutions where I spotted "patented Cradle Converter® and patented Vise-Protection System®" and I have another blog titled Patents and innovative products. I am all for patent as I myself have 2 patents, won the MINDS-Henry Goh Environmental Innovation award plus helped my university win a silver and bronze medal from the Geneva International Invention Convention. It would be nice to have both innovative plus discount furniture in my home.

Further, I like Coaster Furniture as I can roll coaster furniture all over the house without begging Sylvester Stallone with his bulging muscles to come to home to help move the furniture. What convenience. No need to depend upon Sylvester Stallone, Hercules, reluctant helpers, etc. I can move the coaster furniture anywhere I like all by myself. Does that interest you? If not, let me know why by leaving a comment in this post.

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