Monday, March 17, 2008

House renovation, contemporary and modern bedroom furnitures

I was fortunate in having bought a house in the early 70's. Property prices have increased so much, but salaries did not keep up. If I am to purchase a house today with current starting salaries, I will be in great difficulties.

However, that does not mean I do not have problems. My current house need renovations and I faced many dilemmas and indecisions. If I do renovate the house, do I do it in a way to fit my style of living and what I like or do I renovate it according to what the majority of potential buyers may like? That will be the issue that will determine how the renovations will be done. If I design it according to what I like, it will be in contemporary style and will suit the climate of my country, not what is in fashion. However, I am no longer young. My children may decide to continue to stay in the house or may decide to sell it and purchase their own. If the decision is to sell, I will not get the price I want for the house because generally the majority of home purchasers are looking for modern stuff plus stuff which are in fashion which is usually not suited to the climate of my country.

Whatever it is, I will probably going to need new Bedroom Furniture. The reason is I have ended up with a strange combination of bedroom furnitures because all of them were bought over a long span of time and do not complement each other.

If my decision is to renovate it with the possibility of the house being eventually sold, I would probably have to purchase a new set of Modern Bedroom Furniture.

If I decide to renovate my house according to what I want, I will probably have to purchase a new set of Contemporary Bedroom Furniture

Tough decision. Maybe so tough that I may eventually end up not renovating the house at all as one of my children said in a family discussion about the house that if there is any possibility of selling the house, then might as well not renovate it at all. That is fine with me as I am quite satisfied with my home as it is even though it can do with a lot of improvements. The next question will be, will those children still living with me be able to stand the condition of our home as it is without renovations. Let use see what happens in the future.

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