Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Plants beautify and green your home and garden

Most people like greens, that is, trees, plants, flowers, etc. In the first place, these are the living organism that gives us the live essential - oxygen. Some even claim that looking at greens help our eyesight. Whatever it is, it makes a house cozy, beautiful, green and simply natural. One can put plants in the outdoor - in the garden. One can even bring them indoor, and a home with its interior decorated with indoor plants is a much more pleasant home to be in.

Of all the countries I visited, the one I am most impressed with is Switzerland. There are many things I liked about Switzerland, one of which is their beautiful Swiss Chalets which normally are beautifully decorated with flowers like the one in the photo below:

Swiss chalet decorated with flowers
Photo is property of Irene

Window box planters

In my country too, we have Window Box Planters like the one you see in the photo below:

The photo above is property of Peter Chen. You are free to use the photo provided you make an an active link to Peter Chen, this post or Home, Garden and Backyard Organic Farm

Indoor plants and indoor planters

I like indoor plants in both homes and offices, like those below:

Above photo is property of Clarissa Ines

Having Indoor Planters makes a home or office become so much more natural, pleasant, and just..... (at a loss for words). I am not very sure about this, but many think that indoor plants help put more life giving oxygen into homes and offices. Whatever it is, I think homes and offices with indoor plants are refreshing. Nothing more to add other than I just like it.

Garden plants and garden planters

Having green plants in the garden is also nice. What is a garden without plants? However, one can plant plants in the ground or grow them in Garden Planters. I think growing plants in garden planters have the advantage of mobility. You can move them around. Don't like it here? Move it over there! With plants rooted into the ground, you will have to dig them out, making sure you don't damage the roots too much, and transplant them, plus you have to pray that they survive the transplanting.

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